Our service includes ALL services below!

Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing prices range from $30.00 for a small dog to $40.00 for an extra large. The price you are quoted includes all of the following services with NO add ons for nail clipping, blowdrying etc like other companies charge.


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We brush your dog before and after the hydrobath to remove any excess hair (especially when they are dropping their winter coat). The look on their face shows that they really do appreciate the attention!



Dogs can get foreign matter in their ears simply from laying around in your own backyard, let alone digging holes and running around stirring up the dust so we need to ensure their ears are checked and cleaned thoroughly. An inspection of the ears can also reveal infections and fly bites as well as the presence of mites.



Like the ears, dogs can get infections from lazing around doing nothing. Grass seeds or even large dust particles can lodge in the eye and become infected and weepy.



Overgrown nails can in some cases cause your dog pain where they curl over and actually grow into the pad. Some dogs are unable to walk correctly due to over lengthy nails and in extreme cases some dogs cannot walk at all. Sad but true. As the dew claws are not in contact with the ground they can become potentially dangerous instruments when jumping up on adults or children alike. Many of our new customers have shown us scars inflicted from an innocent game of rough and tumble with their pet. We at Dirty Dogs check all nails and clip them if required. And we never cut them too far! Ouch.





The warm, fresh water hydrobath washes your dog in a way that hand washing never can. (Check out our photo gallery to see the colour of the water AFTER the dog has been washed! And this was only a medium sized dog with short hair!). The shower head gently massages the dog as it evenly washes away the grime.





Flea control is a must with your dog, especially in the warmer months, as fleas will drive you and your dog crazy. A simple flea bite can lead to greater problems like infection and eczema and in extreme cases dogs have chewed holes in their flesh trying to get relief from the itch. Regular hydrobaths with our flea treatment and shampoos will eradicate fleas on the dog and prevent their return via hatching eggs.




We also use shampoos containing medicated formulas and nature based oils (such as Aloe Vera and Tea tree Oil) for that dog with either just plain sensitive skin or allergies. Please note that we use FIDO'S high quality brand of shampoos.



After encouraging the dog to do what comes naturally (shake, shake,shake) we use a chamois to soak up the excess water then follow this up with vigorous towel drying. Should the coat still be wet then we use our industrial blow dryer to remove the remaining moisture.We give your K9 back to you completely dry so they can't roll in the dust and get muddy straight away! And don't they just look lovely.



We brush out, unpick and cut knots as well as scissor trimming excess hair round the face and the bottom.PLEASE NOTE however, that we NOT provide all over hair clips.




To finish off the job Lustre Aid cologne is massaged into the coat to improve its condition and to make your best mate smell lovely to the next hydrobath. Lustre Aid contains lanolin so the coat not only stays shiny for longer but is also as soft as it can be. We also sell cologne for you to use on your dog in between baths, should you need it (great for covering up that wet dog smell). Just ask us. 


A doggy treat ..... or two for that good dog!!!!!!


BOOKINGS PH 02 4621 4240 or DALE 0438 606 719